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Microscopic Miniature Monday!  

Few books in the world are smaller than this set: Calendar and Birth Stone: Toppan Micro Trio, from the Toppan Printing Company, 1979-80. This set includes: Birth Stone, Language of Flowers, and The Zodiacal Signs and Their Symbols. 2x2 millimeters, each with a copy 10x larger that is easier to read. From the Charlotte Smith Miniature Book Collection.

Can’t get enough of tiny books?  It was just over a year ago that another Toppan book in our collection made news in The Atlantic after we posted here on Tumblr about trying to identify a micro-miniature Bible, which was revealed to be a Toppon Bible from the 1960s.  But the Toppan company did not stop at 2mm.  Here is a link to read about the 0.75 mm book they made just last year!

Enjoy the beloved books in your life, large or small :)

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